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For the benefit of our readers, would you please tell us about your career, how you got your start, what you do on a daily basis, how satisfying you fund the work, and about some of the ups and downs?

My name is Bob Schmuck (yes...that's my real name) and I'm an Internet entrepreneur who owns websites (Internet real estate) that I develop and market. In 2009 when my income from my websites was high enough, I quit my wage earning job as a carpet cleaner. Most of my income is passive income (money comes in even when I'm not working directly on my websites).


My interest in computers and websites began in my teens. My first website was an information site about testicular cancer targeting a teen audience, it was part of my Boy Scout Eagle Scout Project, Testicular Cancer Awareness. I marketed the site with a booth at the hospital, distributing flyers, and creating characters for the website. After that I was hooked and took $10 of money I earned to buy an HTML book to learn more. In addition I did a lot of research on the Internet by reading blogs and forums.

Though I developed and marketed my first website in 2001, I didn't start putting effort into it until about 2005. As my time and efforts paid off and income started trickling in, I stuck with it while working for my dad's carpet cleaning company. In 2009, when I was still 24 I took the plunge and quit carpet cleaning to work on websites full time. With a little savings and a commitment to do it for 6 months, this Schmuck got started working full time as an website developer and marketer. I've been doing it ever since.


I considers my job easy and would rate it as a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best job ever. Each day is different, but my typical day will include doing the following once I get up:

Check stats on websites
Read and reply to emails
Add content
Watch TV/movies
Play computer games
Read and post in forums
Keyword research
Test designs

The above "schedule" is flexible and can vary from day to day. Other tasks that I do throughout the week include designing logos, project development, future project development, Internet marketing, and website designing. For me, a really good day not only includes high earnings, but also when I see a jump in the number of visitors to one of my sites. A bad day for me is when there are holdups in the marketing process. This can be from a writer not turning in articles or no results from a marketing campaign. I'm pretty laid back, so it doesn't get me upset. I've learned to take a break and work on something else, believing every problem has a solution.


I learned early on that one successful website doesn't guarantee future success. I'll follow the same basic marketing process, but I know it won't work exactly the same for each website. Some of it is hit and miss and good timing. I hang on to the websites that don't do as well because a few low earning websites can bring in as much a high earning website and can later be sold after aging a bit.

I was home schooled and taught myself most of what I know. I did take a few college courses and have talked with others who have graduated college. I believe schools teach how to be a good employee, but not how to be a successful entrepreneur or business owner. I liked I was able to pursue any direction in education that I wanted to, for as long I needed to. Sometimes the time was extensive and sometimes it was brief.


Looking back, I really wouldn't change anything because I slowly worked my way into marketing websites full time. When I decided to do a test run, I was well prepared. My job is relatively stress free because I'm my own boss, make my own hours, and I include making time for family and friends regularly. As long as I'm where I have access to the Internet, I can vacation when and wherever I want. I can also outsource jobs to others to increase my free time.

Since I've been doing this for so long, I'm not flustered by the natural fluctuation in daily income, by the end of the month it all balances out and the income meets my needs. The times my sites have been hacked into, I find that was especially challenging because it can take a lot of work to secure a websites and redo all my work to get it restored and earning income again.


Most people want me to share an established formula so they can make money like I do. Most people think it is easy, but I spent from 2001 to 2005 just teaching himself the things that I needed to know and testing out various ways to do what I do. Though the income is mostly passive income, I still need to check on sites, market, update sites, monitor ranking, and develop websites for future income.


What has kept me going, even during the years I brought in very little income, was my passion. I knew in my heart it would be worth the time I invested. Five years from now, I'm planning on still having this passion for what I'm doing, but doing it on a bigger scale. I wants to have larger websites and higher priced websites for sale. In addition, I expect the websites I'm developing and marketing for family members will be bringing an income for them by then.

I feel successful whenever my marketing results in hitting the number one spot on the first page on Google and I get a flood of traffic to my website. I'm able to earn a comfortable living and have financial freedom doing what I love.