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Manager, Marketing Activation more...
Location:Tustin, CA
Company:Young's Market
First posted:May 04, 2017 (last updated 30+ days ago)

The Manager of Marketing Activation will spearhead consumer marketing, shopper marketing and brand building expertise to key client partners and customers. In addition, will be responsible for executing consumer and shopper marketing programs that leverage client partner marketing resources, support key customer initiatives, drive key performance metrics and maximize scale within the off premise trade channels.  

Shopper Marketing:

  • Builds and manages a target account list for chain and off premise general market customers to positively impact results and scale programming  
  • Leads the development of shopper marketing programs to support chain and off premise general market customers  
  • Collaborates with the creative services team to produce consumer focused shopper marketing platforms that include a creative brief, consumer path-to-purchase, display materials, IRCs, etc.
  • Responsible for managing 3 rd party vendor/agency relationships to support the development and execution of shopper marketing programs
  • Manages the development and execution of business process improvements across key internal departments and trade channels
  • Leads the process of delivering relevant consumer insights in tandem with the business insights department to support client initiatives, customer programs and consumer occasion development
  • Manages and facilitates regular planning sessions with channel, customer, client, field sales and client services teams
  • Partners with the field sales execution teams to complete quarterly surveys, work withes and customer meetings to develop and maintain relevancy of marketplace
  • Defines and leads the process with sales execution and internal commercial teams to generate, maintain and update program sales tracking and recap reports to identify future areas of opportunity  

 Marketing Activation:

  • Works directly with client partners, field sales, agency teams and customers to execute localized marketing efforts
  • Thinks creatively and critically to support new product and brand launch execution efforts
  • Responsible for managing budgets accurately for client partner programs and campaigns
  • On-site activation coverage for events and programs as needed

Marketing Assets:

  • Co ordinates with client partners and Young's associates to build and execute marketing asset activation programs
  • Leverages client partner marketing assets off premise and in chains to drive incremental case displays
  • Manages the recap of client partner programs and tracks case volume to evaluate program ROI

Multicultural Marketing:

  • Col laborates with client partner multicultural teams to build out program specific campaigns to target audience  


  • Protect the Company, employees, and supplier partners by keeping information pertaining to either confidential.
  • Use relevant information and individual judgment to determine whether events or processes comply with standards.
  • Work independently or be a productive team member in a group setting as determined by project type.
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending trade events, workshops, and seminars
  • Participate in meetings as needed to effectively communicate objectives, programs, strategies, policies and procedures to assigned management team.
  • Submit required or requested reports promptly and accurately as directed by management.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university required.
  • 5-7 years of experience, preferably in the beverage/consumer goods industry
  • Knowledge of brand strategy and application across channel, including local marketing
  • Knowledge of Young's Market Company portfolio of brands & respective suppliers, and/or relevant Wine & Spirits industry knowledge preferred

Skills & Abilities:

  • Field and/or customer leadership experience including budget responsibility and management
  • Knowledge of key consumption occasions, shopper messaging, and methods of activation
  • Innate curiosity and ability to connect insights and gain inspiration from disparate sources
  • Proven ability to think creatively and critically to achieve success in a team environment.
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate with management, field sales teams, supplier partners and customers throughout the business and industry.  
  • Proven track record of managing multiple projects and achieving sustainable results
  • Planning and analysis experience preferred
  • Experience developing and executing annual channel plans preferred
  • Shopper insights, category management and shopper marketing experience preferred
  • Experience with syndicated and depletion data preferred.
  • Financial Acumen:  Young's Market Company requires associates who understand the financial framework of Young's Market Company. They establish and monitor appropriate financial measures (e.g., balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, etc.). They interpret and use financial data to make informed business decisions.  

  • Assertiveness: Young's Market Company requires leaders and associates who readily offer opinions and take action even when their position may be unpopular. They are willing to challenge others appropriately when required. They are self-confident - they trust their own judgment and are not overly dependent upon the approval of others.

  • Business Thinking: Young's Market Company requires leaders and associates who see Young's Market Company as a series of integrated and interlocking business processes. They understand general business concepts that govern these systems and their interfaces. They create and/or realign these systems in response to changing business needs. They understand that a change in one process can have dramatic and unintended impact across the entire organization. They are adept at using these interdependencies to synergistic advantage. They use this knowledge to understand, and build strategies with Young's Market Company's suppliers and retailers.

  • Adaptation: Young's Market Company requires leaders and associates who are adaptable. They embrace

    needed change and modify their behavior when appropriate to achieve organizational objectives. They are effective in the face of ambiguity. They understand and use change management techniques to help ensure smooth transitions.

  • Communicativeness:  Young's Market Company requires leaders and associates who recognize the essential value of continuous information exchange and the competitive advantage it brings. They actively seek information from a variety of sources and disseminate it in a variety of ways. They use modern technologies to access and circulate information, even across great distances. They take responsibility for ensuring that their people have the current and accurate information needed for success.

  • Conflict Management Young's Market Company requires leaders and associates who recognize that conflict can be a valuable part of the decision-making process. They are comfortable with healthy conflict and support and manage differences of opinion. They thwart destructive competition or friction, and use consensus and collaboration to debate and resolve issues. Because of Young's Market Company's unique positioning between suppliers and retailers they are aware of the need for win-win-win relationships from supplier to consumer.


  • CSS or CSW preferred
  • Proficient in Windows, Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint) required
  • Must possess valid driver's license and clean Motor Vehicle Report



Keywords: Youngs Market

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